What We Do!


Education Communication Outreach & Action


Greening Our Community – A lecture series at the Newton Free Library. Explore key local and global issues with today's outstanding thinkers, scientists, policy makers and visionaries.

Bruyn Fund – Encourages and rewards Newton high school students who identify and propose solutions to environmental problems that affect Newton citizens.


Green News – Published 6 times a year by the Green Decade/Newton, the Green News informs readers about local, state, and national environmental issues and events as well as the work of the Green Decade/Newton.

Annual Environmental Awards – Awards to an individual for his/her outstanding contribution to making an environmental difference and to a group who has done much to foster environmental awareness/activism and to a business to recognize those whose actions positively impact the health of our planet and local communities.

E-Bulletin – Contains a listing and brief summary of upcoming Green Decade events and activities for the current month, e-mailed only to subscribers who have signed up for the Monthly E-bulletin.

Environmental Media Coalition – Calls upon representatives from diverse environmental groups and individuals in Newton to join Green Decade in writing articles and contributing information for the monthly Newton TAB Environment Pages.

Environment Show Environment Page

www.greendecade.org –The Green Decade website is a source of information about the Green Decade, its events and organization plus resource links to other environmental websites.

Outreach & Action

Energy Committee – Educates residents, business people, and institutions about wise energy use, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Faith and the Environment –Works with the faith community to help develop religious leadership in earth stewardship. All faiths are welcome.

GreenCAP – Promotes alternatives to toxic household and landscape chemicals and pesticides through public education campaigns and community action.

Organic Gardening – Expands the resources offered by GreenCAP with hands-on workshops and interactive group discussions specifically addressing organic practices for gardening and landscaping.

The Committee for Alternatives to Pesticides Organic Gardening

High Performance Buildings – Looks at systematic changes that ensure all future buildings and renovations citywide use high performance ("green") standards.

Membership – Promotes membership through community events, mailings and outreach.

School Outreach Committee – Shares project and campaign ideas about energy, conservation and environmental concern with each school community in the City.

Students for a Greener World – Our first student-led committee reaches out to kids of all ages to help them learn and practice environmentally friendly actions at home, school -- and have fun doing it!

Transportation – Focuses on transportation issues in Newton, with the objective of making recommendations about specific policy positions