Early days of the business

The idea of starting a recycling and dumpster business came to me when I was about 18 years old. I was in high school, and the professor took us on tour around one huge company that was mainly a recycling factory. There the first time I saw how many waste that we usually throw out can be recycled. It was just fascinating to see, and I immediately felt the need to do something like that in the near future.


So after finishing high school, I decided to follow my feelings like my mother always said to me and after few years of gathering money by working jobs that I didn’t like I finally had just enough to invest in my own business. I was very surprised when I got help from my parents, but they insisted and said that the start is the most difficult part and they want to help out.

Opening up and the first clients

With all that money invested, in the starting my business of renting dumpsters and recycling I imagined it to be a very fast growing company. It turned out that I was wrong, the demand for renting dumpsters was pretty low, and I was very concerned that my “bright idea” wasn’t so great all of a sudden. If my mother were not there for me at that moment, I would probably quit, but she kept pushing me to go forward. I trusted her so I listened and I fought through the hard times.

One year later the business “exploded”. The reason behind it was that one of the biggest recycling companies shut down. All of a sudden everyone that wanted to recycle something asked for my services and I was more than pleased to accept every single client.

In that period of time, I was making a lot of money. I was put in a dilemma what should I do with all that money do I spend it on myself and buy a new house, or I could invest it into the business. I needed someone’s opinion, so after asking my family who I trust the most they told me that is smarter to invest some of it and it might help the company and me in the future. My decision was to listen to them and invest the money. With that money, I bought the highest quality machines for the recycling part of the business. After only one month of using the new machinery, I realized how great the idea of investing it was. The new equipment saved me a lot of time by doing the same work as the old one but three times faster.