Reaching out to new clients

After making the best decision for the business that I ever made to invest in it, I had a lot more time because the recycling part was three times faster than before. The opportunity to take on more clients opened up for me. Now I just needed to figure it out how to bring in new clients. Advertising the business seemed the most appropriate thing to do. The first thing that came to my mind was renting a billboard somewhere near the center of the city where the most people can see it. That was just the first step there were a few more advertising options that I wanted to try out.


One of the options was to hang flyers all over the city. But I wanted to advertise one by one to be able to see which advertising option is the best working one for me. That way when I want to reach out to new people, I know what is the fastest or the cheapest way to do.

Renting the billboard in downtown was not such a success as I imagined it to be, we had an increase in customers but not nearly enough or what I was hoping for. From the billboard, we expected around 20% increase in customers, but it only brought us 7%. So I tried out the next option hanging flyers all over the city. It turned out to be as useful as the billboard. Now for the future, I know that renting a billboard is not a good option because it is much more expensive than hanging flyers.

 Advertisement pays off

Sometimes advertising can be very expensive if you are not doing it the right way you can even lose money on it. That happened to me few times but as they say, you learn from your mistakes, and I did learn a lot. It took me a long time to figure it out what is the best and cheapest way to advertise. The secret is on the internet. Social media more precise, these days there are not a lot of people left who does not use some social media. That way we can target almost every person in the city.

If you ever search for a dumpster rental service or you are just looking for recycling service, there is a high chance that you will find us because of the reputation of our business is so high, and every previous customer suggests us to other people. That way our name gets out there, but there is, of course, websites and blogs about our dumpster & recycling such as this one.