Green Tours and Seminars

The Green Decade sponsors several local tours and seminars designed to inform and instruct on environmental issues.

Insulating Your Older Home Workshop
Despite what you have heard, it is possible to weatherize your older home without compromising its historic character!

Organic Garden and Landscape Tour
New this year, a guided tour of several private and public organic gardens featuring flowers, vegetables and even an organically maintained lawn or two!

Solar Homes Tour
This guided tour of solar homes and other larger solar-heated buildings in Newton has become an annual favorite since it began in 1999.

Urban Ark
The "Urban Ark" seminar and tour, one of the Green Decade's most popular recurring events, is held twice a year. David and Elva Del Porto give a tour and description of their solar-heated home in Newton, MA, which provides space heat, food production, air purification and wastewater treatment all within an attached two-story greenhouse of his design