Our awards go to an individual for his/her outstanding contribution to making an environmental difference and to a group who has done much to foster environmental awareness/activism. In 2005, a business award was added to recognize those whose actions positively impact the health of our planet and local communities.

2013 Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Individual Award

Representative Kay Kahn

Rep Kay Kahn accepts the Individual award from Marcia Cooper and Peter Smith.

You helped to secure state funding of $500,000 for major improvements to the Lower Falls Community Center that allowed a deep energy retrofit renovation for that building. The City can expect energy savings in excess of 70%, even a greater cost reduction in its operations and maintenance and a significant reduction of green house gas emissions from this building over the coming years. You helped to put together a top notch team effort, including Mayor Warren, Alderman Deb Crossley, Jonathan Kantar from Newton’s High Performance Building Coalition, and Judy Dore from Newton’s Parks and Recreation Department that delivered concrete results.

The building’s new roof has significant insulation and light tubes to allow natural light into the corridors. An old, oil fired boiler and steam system was replaced with 96% fficient condensing boilers and a hotwater system. Outdated, single pane windows and uninsulated wall systems were replaced with a triple pane fiberglass window system, insulated walls and soffits, as well masonry walls that have been filled with spray insulation. This may be Newton’s most energy efficient building and will serve as a model to help advance energy efficiency measures in other city buildings.

Group Award

Crystal Lake Conservancy

Green Decade President Marcia Coooper, CLC Co-Presidents Janice Bourque and Schuyler Larrabee, Board members Barbara Wales and Srdj Nedeljkovic

You have made an outstanding environmental contribution in Newton. We want to honor you for the wonderful work your leaders have been doing to preserve and protect the quality of the water in Crystal Lake for the benefit of the public. You are working to reduce the algae bloom that closed the lake to swimmng in 2012.

The Crystal Lake Conservancy works to increase community awareness of is- sues related to the Lake by providing information on its web site and by printing information concerning the Lake. One of your highest priorities is to develop a set of recommended best practices regarding the protection and preservation of the Lake. Your group also promotes environmentally sustainable uses for Crystal Lake and surrounding public lands among those who utilize the Lake for recreation.

The Crystal Lake Conservancy relies on expert research and recommendations to determine the impact of the overuse of nutrients in lawn fertilizer within the Lake’s watershed, the effects of polluted storm water drainage into the lake and the environmental impact of activities associated with the use of the Lake. You are encouraging residents to use organic lawn care. You are widely distributing the results of assessments and this resource provides guidance in the development of a long range plan for physical, natural and aesthetic improvements, as well as maintenance of the Lake. Green Decade/Newton is grateful to you for your outstanding effort to promote and support the unique natural beauty and recre- ational enjoyment of the Lake, while preserving and protecting it as one of our community’s most valuable natural resources.

Business Award

Big Belly Solar

Michael Feldman, VP of Engineering accepts the award from Peter Smith

Your stout-looking trash receptacles with a solar panel on top was selected for the front of Newton City Hall early in your company's start up process. When the can fills up about half-way with trash, a compactor mechanism smashes it down, using solar power that has been stored up in a battery. As a result, BigBelly compactors can hold four to five times the amount of garbage as a typical trash can — and thus, they don't need to be emptied as often. That can save cities serious money and reduce the CO2 that trucks belch picking up the trash and now recycling and compost. Now more than 12,000 of the cans are all over Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and the campuses of MIT and Boston University. Realizing that recurring revenues are better than one time sales, your company is repositioning itself as a software-as-a-service company that also happens to sell hardware. BigBelly is integrating wireless connectivity into its trash and recycling cans, which allow them to report their status to a Web-based software system. By sending crews out to empty only the receptacles that need it, you estimate cities can eliminate at least 7 of every 10 pick-up trips that trash vehicles make today. In Philly, for instance, the sanitation department used to swing by some trash cans 17 times a week; now, the average is 2.5 times a week. You have deployed close to 1000 BigBelly cans around eastern Massachusetts.

Previous Environmental Leadership Award Winners

Year Individual Group Business
2004 David Tannozzini
Electrical Engineer, City of Newton
GreenCAP, Co-Chairs Ellie Goldberg & Maeve Ward

(Not established until 2005)

2005 Peter J. Barrer
Demand Management Institute
Friends of Hemlock Gorge Reservation
Whole Foods Market
2006 Ann Dannenberg and Zachary Snow
Newton North High School Science Teachers
Newton Conservators
Wainwright Bank
2007 Sally Rosen
Advisor to the Newton South High School Environment Clubs
Angino Farm
Cambridge Savings Bank
2008 Dirk Detlefsen
Countryside Elementary School Teacher, 5th Grade
Newton/San Juan del Sur Sister City Project
–Margaret & David Gullette, coordinators
Chapman Construction & Design
John C. Hall, President
2009 David B. Cohen
Mayor, City of Newton
Silent Spring Institute
Dr. Julia Brody, Executive Director
Unidine Corporation
David Chechik, Regional Director of Business Development
2010 Verne Vance
Alderman, City of Newton
Bike Newton
Lois Levin, Founder
UGL Unicco
Randy Ledbetter, Vice President of Business Development
2011 Deb Crossley
Alderman, City of Newton
Greengineers, Newton North High School
Steve Chinosi, Director, Innovation Lab
General Compression
Patrick M. Moran, Chief Operating Officer
2012 Maria Rose
Department of Public Works, City of Newton
Newton Tree Conservancy Meredith Management, Corp.
John Rosenthal, President