Green Living and Low Carbon Diet Teams

                        IT STARTS WHERE WE LIVE

The Green Decade/Newton now offers two programs for households, groups, organizations and individuals to practice and adopt sustainable lifestyles.

  1. Low Carbon Diet Teams
    30-Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds of Your Household's Carbon Output
  2. Green Living Handbook
    6 Step Program to Create An Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle
    (formerly called the Household EcoTeam Program)

low carbon diet

What is it?

The program organizes households into groups call Eco-Teams. The teams meet four times. They work through a fun, easy to use workbook called the Low Carbon Diet that shows, step-by-step, how to dramatically reduce your CO2 output in just a month's time. You learn to:

  • Calculate your CO2 footprint with an easy-to-use on line "carbon calculator"
  • Create "cool household systems" that save the Earth while saving you money
  • Take on "cool lifestyle practices" that reduce CO2 emissions without cramping your style

Form a Low Carbon Diet "Eco-Team" with friends, colleagues, co-workers or your faith community.

With simple changes to actions you take every day, you’ll learn how to reduce your annual household CO2 output by at least 25%.

The Newton Eco-Team Project is reaching out to community groups and their leaders to recruit their members to join Eco-Teams.

Why do this?

  1. Help the Commonwealth reach the carbon reduction goals it pledged for 2012.
  2. The Eco-Team project provides a grass-roots strategy to meet the target and reduce the carbon footprint of households by 25% by 2012.
  3. The program builds community by bringing neighbors together into Eco-Teams to address global warming.
  4. This conservation strategy will yield results very quickly and save money for participants.
  5. In response to President Obama's call to service, we ask you to join this grassroots effort to address global warming.

Who is sponsoring this?

  • The Newton Eco-Team Project is run by a group of local volunteers working with "CoolMass", a state wide initiative of MCAN (Massachusetts Climate Action Network)
  • CoolMass is a coalition of groups and individuals from eleven communities throughout the Commonwealth working together to reduce global warming, chief among them, Green Decade/Newton.

Who to contact?

The Newton Eco-Team Co-Chairs:
Bonnie Glickman:
Jay C. Walter:


green living

If one or more of the following categories fit your situation, participating in the GREEN DECADE’S Green Living Program will be fun and helpful.

  • You have a vague sense of what you should do for the environment, but beyond recycling, you don’t know what to do or how to do it.
  • You are well informed, but need motivation translating this knowledge into action.
  • You are doing many sustainable lifestyle practices, but need help achieving better consistency for each practice.
  • You are practicing a consistently sustainable lifestyle, but wish to go to the next level.

The Green Living Program will assist you in translating your desire to do the right thing into a program of environmental action that will make a difference. 5 to 8 households – an Eco-Team – meet 7 times over a 5 - 6 month period and use a step-by-step workbook to create a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle.

Using the handbook, you will take action to develop sustainable lifestyle practices in five areas: garbage, water, energy, transportation, and consumption. The sixth action area, empowerment, enables you to help others take action for the planet.

How the Green Living Program Works

  1. The first meeting – Team Building Meeting – is scheduled. In this meeting the team prepares for the program, creates a sense of team, schedules all remaining meetings and chooses topic leaders for each meeting.
  2. The Eco-Team then meets 6 more times, approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. Different team members run the meetings using scripts located in the support section of the handbook. Meetings last 1.5 to 2 hours, with several hours needed between meetings to take the selected actions.
  3. Before each meeting, Eco-Team members review the actions from the Green Living Program and decide which actions they will take.
  4. At each meeting, Eco-Team members review the actions taken over the prior 3 weeks and share their action plans for the next 3 weeks. The team provides support and inspiration for everyone to carry out their plans.

Depending on the community, participants in the Green Living Program, on average, achieve the following yearly resource savings:

  • 41%-51% less garbage sent into the waste stream
  • 25%-34% less water used
  • 9%-17% less energy used
  • 16%-20% less fuel used for transportation
  • $227-$389 saved through more efficient use of resources

Visit for more details on the Green Living Program.

Who to contact?

The Green Living Co-Chairs:
Jessica Basile, 617-916-5369
Jim Purdy, 617 969-3290

For more information or to join a Green Living Team or Low Carbon Diet team, contact or 617-965-1995. Join/volunteer on-line.

Green Living Handbook and Low Carbon Diet Teams are programs of the Green Decade/Newton in partnership with the Empowerment Institute.

Volunteer Opportunities with the Green Living and Low Carbon Diet Programs